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Groupphoto 65SMDG is a non-profit foundation, run by and on behalf of companies and organizations working in the maritime industry, like container terminals, ocean carriers and related companies and organizations.

SMDG develops and promotes UN/EDIFACT EDI-messages for the Maritime Industry and is an official Pan European User Group, recognised by the UN/EDIFACT Board. Since its inception the group has held numerous meetings across the globe. The first was held in London in 1987, since then other locations have included Europe, Australia, China, Curacao, Dubai, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, U.S.A. The SMDG meetings occur twice yearly in April and October.
The original objective of the group was to agree a standard format for the exchange of ship stowage planning information. This became known as the BAPLIE message which defines the position of containers in a vessel. The initial development process was slow, reflecting the wide range of interests involved as well as their geographical spread. However, since implementation of the first version of BAPLIE its use has grown rapidly across the world. Most carriers and deep-sea container terminals are now dependent on its use for accurate and timely information. Experience has brought refinement and further development with the latest BAPLIE version 3.0 now being introduced.

The advantages of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) have been underlined by BAPLIE implementation and the group has since looked at other operational messages for stowage instructions (MOVINS), the so called Container Messages and terminal performance reporting (TPFREP). These messages are now in use worldwide.

Plenary SMDG meetings are normally attended by between 20-30 people representing many different companies and organisations. Topics discussed in the meetings include, experiences with EDI messages, network services and costs, interchange agreements, development work on messages in the maritime business. New topics include presentations and discussions about the application of new technology in the Maritime Industry, like RFID, electronic seals and container tags, Automatic gate systems, etc.etc.

SMDG depends on donations from its members. However, SMDG documentation can be downloaded by any interested party 'free-of-charge' from the SMDG website. You can support our work by becoming a member. For details about membership please proceed to our 'members' section. 

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