Container Messages

Bookings, Arrival and Departure notices, Confirmations of arrival and departure, Orders, etc.:

IMPORTANT REMARKS CONCERNING THE COPRAR, COARRI, CODECO and COPARN MIG's: These were all upgraded to cater for the VGM requirements. See below for the upgraded documents.

COREOR 2.0 04/03 ST    COPINO 2.0 04/03 ST

COEDOR 2.0 02/01 TR     COSTOR 1.0 09/96 TR     COSTCO 1.0 09/96 TR

COHAOR 1.0 09/96 TR

Legenda: ST = Stable, in use, ready for use  TR = Ready for trials. Not stable yet

SOLAS - VGM (Verified Gross Mass)

Below you will find the Container Messages that were upgraded to cope with the additions for the SOLAS Verified Gross Mass (VGM) requirements in force since July 1st, 2016.

Note: VERMAS documentation can be found in the Various Messages section.

The Guides refer to document JM4-120v17 - Codes for use in the free text (FTX) segment of the UN/Edifact Container Messages.