The BAPLIE-MOVINS workgroup has recently released the first stable version of the brand new BAPLIE 3.0 message structure and Implementation Guideline. Goto the documentation section of this website for downloading the guidelines. The new message structure is better structured and will be able to accomodate a number of new features, including more detailed specification of IMDG cargo (Dangerous Goods). 

The workgroup is responsible for the following messages:

(N.B. BAPLIE 1.5 is no longer supported by SMDG, although the message documentation can still be downloaded from our website)

The workgroup consists of the following SMDG members:

  • Jost Müller (Consultant) - Chairman
  • Jasmin Droenner (Eurogate)
  • Peter Horstkorte (Navis- interschalt- M+B)
  • Henrik Monberg Carlsen (Kokumsonic)
  • Paul Wauters (PSA)
  • Jeroen Muis (Copas)
  • Wendy Jamarillo (XVELA- NAVIS)
  • Michael Schroeder (Hapag Lloyd)
  • Heidi Stemler (HHLA)
  • Arthur Touzot (SMDG/ ATSea Consuting)

If you are interested to attend a working group e-meeting please send an e-mail to the chair.



Further documenations can be found in BAPLIE-MOVINS