SMDG Code Lists

SMDG e.V.  has agreed to publish and maintain the following codes lists for the benefit of all interested parties:

SMDG-Liner-Code-List-v20200220     SMDG-Terminal-Code-List-v20201201    SMDG Terminal Facilities on the world map 


  Description of the SMDG Terminal Code List



 SMDG-ATTRIBUTES-Code List-v20201128 

SMDG-BLOCKING-CODES-v201501             SMDG-HANDLING-Code List-v20201128           SMDG-STOWINS-Code List-v20201128


Special SMDG code list concerning the transmission of SOLAS VGM related data:  SMDG-CODES-VGM-INFORMATIONv201606


SMDG-Delay-Reason-Codes 20200424 




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Important Notice:

1/ Please fill up the forms for

  1. Terminal Codes and send them to
  2. Liner Codes and send them to

2/ The above Codes Lists have been created and will be maintained by the Secretariat of SMDG e.V.  with the purpose of harmonizing the codes between EDI partners. The lists can be downloaded by all interested parties and used for the benefit of standardization worldwide. The members of SMDG e.V.  and the SMDG e.V.  secretariat cannot be held responsible for correctness and completeness of the lists. New codes can be obtained from the SMDG e.V.  secretariat

Liner codes Methodology:

Please find below methodology.
As per policy accepted by SMDG e.V members  and BIC representative SMDG #73 NLMSV, 
SMDG e.V follow up on the following methodology:
  1. 1 - Synchronising SMDG e.V. master liner codes with BIC codes for all carriers as much as possible especially for new codes requests.
  2. 2 - This allows a lot of easy logical streamlining for the external management of your company data. 
  3. 3 - When several codes are possible, use the most internally used code. 
  4. 4- When no BIC codes for Containers have not been published or requested, request one and use the most internally used Liner code temporally, to move back to step 1 once published.


IMDG Coded Variant List can be obtained from EXIS from the EXIS website:

Other links:

The owner codes for containers can be obtained from BIC:

Detailed information about container size/type codes can be found at the following link: